About Ginger&Black

Welcome to our GingerBlack world! Our tiny world, which we are trying to create with a smile from ear to ear, with optimism and curiosity, what a new day brings, where this time our path leads us. We are trying to open the door widely toward you. Look and fall in love with views that surround all of us. Will do our best you would not regret it!

We are Karolina and Piotrek, meaning Ginger (Rude) and Black (Czarne). The name comes not only from the color of hair, but above all from the attitude to life in these colors. Ginger – the more crazy, full of ideas and able to buy tickets to the other side of the world in 5 minutes without thinking about the daily reality, Black – the more composed, which always has a plan B in the event of crisis situations, but full of dreams and addicted to a trips like Ginger. An explosive mixture, but opposites are attracting. And mostly attracted by a common passion – exploring the world!

This blog (rudeiczarne.pl) was created as our diary when we set off on our first journey beyond the usual European paths – to South America. Initially, it was to serve as a travel report for our relatives and families, to keep them informed that what’s up and everything is fine with us, that we enjoy every moment, learn how to navigate through unknown roads. However, we have found that writing and capturing places we visit gives us so much joy that we do not want to deprive ourselves of this fun. Maybe our reports will also bring a smile on your face?

We want to take you on a journey through the lands full of colors, full of smiles of natives. We want you to accompany us at every sunrise and sunset so that you could jump into the azure water with joy. We want you take your backpack on your back and follow next path, discovering the unknown. We want you to savor the aromas and taste of local delicacies, to sit down with locals trying to listen to their stories spoken in sign language, because that’s how you get along with each other. We want you to jump on the scooter and go ahead – without a map, without a plan. You will discover what is unknown. We want you to take a deep breath standing on the distant peak and look around. Yes, the world is amazing. And you fulfill your next dream. And this is the most important thing. After all, dreams are to fulfill them, aren’t they?

We are at the stage when looking for our own identity, we realized that traveling is our life, our whole world and our dreams around it. A few months ago from one day to another we abandoned life in Poland and moved to sunny Malta where every day passes in truly holiday colors. Although we work our daily routine doesn’t stop us from spend every moment discovering, enjoying the sun and absorbing a positive southern lifestyle. Any possibility arise we spend on pulling out into the unknown. We travel on our own way with a smile waiting for what each day brings and where will take us this time. This is the most exciting for us – no plan, but also no stress because even if we won’t manage to “count” the most important attractions, we will come back again. In meanwhile you have to feel and discover the truth of this place that you wouldn’t recognize while keeping your nose deep in guidebooks.

Meanwhile we invite you to our Ginger-Black world. We want it to be a place that will give you joy and make you feel good to which you will return with pleasure. We leave the door widely open, the door to colors, smiles, sun and optimism. Take the first step and you will land in a crazy, emotional world of Ginger-Black that we want you to be a part of!

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