Life in Malta Vol 1

It’s finally time to write something about Malta, because although we have lived here since May, there has not been time or opportunity to write a word about our life in Malta. And yet there is something to write about and what to show!

The island, although the size of Cracow, surprises us every day, shocks us, sometimes our hands fall, but at the end we enjoy every moment and every ray of the sun.

We moved here in the beginning of May 2017. Many times thoughts have been smothered in our minds to try something new to take a little carefree in everyday life. But it was our next trip to Asia that made us decide to quit everything and buy a one-way ticket (for PLN 64!). Why Malta? Mainly due to weather and English language as official. Finally Malta is, according to the rankings, the state with the best climate in the world, and Valetta is the sunniest town in Europe. We do not need to go to Italy or Spain to enjoy the sun and not being able to use English in every sphere of our lives. Although plans to move to Barcelona are dawning somewhere 🙂

That’s how we got off work, we started sending a CV to Malta, we packed up the most necessary things and we went on the road, not knowing what awaits us and how much we will stay on the island.

Just before departure, we collided with a heavy wall to overcome. Well, in Malta finding a flat directly from the owner is nearly a miracle, you must be a lucky guy to avoid paying commissions to real estate agencies. After a few days of searching online, still from Poland, we have uploaded our photo with our short story to all Facebook groups where flats are offered. Of course, we were literally bombed by the agencies, but we did not want to pay commissions, not knowing how much time we would stay in Malta. Finally, the Maltese guy wrote to us, the owner of the flat offering a room – no deposit, no commission, we can move in and move out whenever we want. It sounded too good to be true. After long conversations, it turned out that Valentine – because it was his name is a father, husband and owner of 7 dogs with whom he travels around the world to competitions and who live in the same house where we would live. I think it convinced us J And as we shall see later, we were very lucky! But about that another time.

We passed the last Polish wedding before moving, we said goodbye to our Families, we packed up, we got on a plane and yeah, let’s start our new adventure, new life!

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Valentine, who came to the airport for us, turned out to be a delightful guy, and the apartment for the first week was exclusive, so we had time to acclimatize. We immediately threw our things and went to discover the charms of the area. Although we’ve been here 5 years ago, a lot has changed. First of all, it can be seen that Malta is constantly expanding, many buildings have been built. We must admit that we visited our Polish friends a few years earlier, paying no attention to what people are here, how can real life look like here. However, life and a few days getaway for a vacation is a fundamental difference.



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The next day from the morning we had interviews. It turns out that in the tourism industry you get a job right away, by snapping your finger. On the other hand, May is the beginning of high season, so the demand is growing. Karolina got two jobs the same day, Piotrek collided with Maltese realities – recruitment to the IT sector often takes many weeks and is a multi-stage, so Piotrek went on to the next interviews practically visited the whole island.

Every day we were awakened by the sun’s rays, warmth and it filled us with great optimism, we ended every day with a multi-kilometer walk, discovering the island’s other attractions. We knew from the very beginning that we would stay here longer … 🙂 And so it shot us the eighth month on the island and we are not planning to leave this year, because we are simply happy here 🙂


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Our first post from the series Life in Malta is a short introduction, the next will start with advice, insights, what to see, what not and everything you can write about life in Malta 🙂



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