Life in Malta Vol 2 – Blue Grotto and Ghar Lapsi

May, the sun is shining inexorably, you dream of a refreshing bath in the sea. And although in May the sea is still too refreshing, on the other hand you will still find a place on the beach at any time of the day, will have a chance to fit in the bus and get comfortable to the place. Why do we write about it?

In the high season, pressing anywhere is bordered by an absolute miracle! Buses are overcrowded many times to the point that they do not even stop at stops, find a centimeter of free space on a more popular beach, so to get anywhere without a car or scooter, you have to get up at dawn and go before the crowds of tourists lift out of bed. Seriously, until now we did not think that visitors to the island could paralyze it, but on the other hand, the whole island is the size of Cracow, attractions are not lacking, and the space to accommodate everyone is less and less.

Today, we’re bringing you for a trip to Blue Grotto and Ghar Lapsi, the south of the island. 🙂 Of course, the easiest way is to get here by your own means of transport, but not having such once, you can easily go by bus to Blue Grotto itself, and to get to Ghar Lapsi you will have to walk from the bus stop (attention, shadow you will not know, but the views are worth it! ).

What is Blue Grotto? This is a place that, according to all guides, you MUST visit. That’s how you read almost anywhere. And although the environment has not protected against ubiquitous commercialism, the views will reward. Get off the bus at the parking lot, you go down passing the next shops and stalls encouraging you to buy souvenirs from Malta until you reach the booth with tickets for a cruise on small boats. The ticket costs 8 euros per person, the cruise takes about 20-25min. It is a pity that the cruise is SO short, but in the high season the queue is not falling, and everyone has to sail. You put on a life jacket, get on a boat and move with the wind in your hair to the caves with blue, crystal clear water. The surrounding cliffs and caves are impressive.

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Coming to Blue Grotto, it is worth stopping at the road before turning to Blue Grotto, where there is a panoramic view point and you can admire the famous arch from above. We personally like here even more than from the perspective of a boat. Often you can also meet here daredevils strolling over the precipice on the slack line. The lookout point is just off the road, the bus stop is called Panorama, and the viewpoint is Blue Wall and Grotto Viewpoint – you can find on every map. And we really like the view from above.

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What is the downside of Blue Grotto from our perspective and undoubtedly it may disappointed that the only way to see the caves is a boat trip, for which there is a monopoly here. As each Blue Grotto guide is an absolute must see, crowds of tourists gather here, and boats are rushing with trips to serve all the tourists waiting in the queue. For this reason, there is no time to even take good photos or enjoy the views. In addition, commerce has not missed this place. To get to the coast you pass more souvenir stalls, umbrellas, restaurants and further double-decker buses with screaming tourists who are pushing each other, because everywhere they must be the first. Oh, such our subjective impressions.

Being in this area is definitely worth a look or if you have more time to take a bath and move to Ghar Lapsi. To get there you have to get off at the Bajjada stop and continue along the road until you reach a tiny police station, car park, and further down the stairs to the right and a small beach appears to your eyes. This is one of our favorite places, the more so because tourists rarely get here. In the middle of the summer you will only meet Maltese people with their families, and there are not many places to spread out, you will never find crowds. And the place is really wonderful! 🙂

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Ghar Lapsi is also a great spot for diving, under the water in the lagoon there is a cave that can be crossed to the other side of the cliffs. That;s why you can often meet here beginner divers.

And lush fauna – starfish, octopus, colorful fish and beautiful crabs 🙂 You can also meet jellyfish, so beware!

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And for this you cannot miss the Maltese golden drink – Cisk!

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The way back to the bus stop in the sun is not the easiest after a few hours spent on the beach without a hint of shade, so we tried to hitch-hike there and catched Lebanese guy- Ahmed, who even though he barely spoke English, did not accept the words of refusal and invited us to his place for Lebanese tea, bringing us eventually home, instead of a bus stop, a delectable guy.

At the end, there’s another shot from Ghar Lapsi during the storm, some different views, right?

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-08 at 21.46.28

Soon, next posts from Malta, sitting down to write, we have a great list of places, curiosities and adventures for those who are interested in how we live in the sun. Or maybe a holiday from a boring, serious life? 🙂 Have a nice day!

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