Life in Malta Vol 3 – Marsaxlokk and St Peter’s Pool

Let’s move today on the southern coast a bit to the east, to the small fishing village – Marsaxlokk, which is treated as necessary to visit. Why? Mainly because of the famous Sunday fish market. And if the fish market itself is great and worth seeing, then the stalls surrounding it with Chinese crap are not necessarily, but about that in a moment.

What is certain, in the season for Marsaxlokk you have to go really early. From 9 o’clock in the morning, squeezing into any bus going in this direction borders on a miracle, from 10 it is practically impossible. If you have your own means of transport is a different matter, however, it remains a matter of parking, and then the giant crowds of tourists arriving by bus to see the Sunday market. We personally liked it the most at 7 in the morning, when the market was real, no tourists, only locals, still few stalls with Chinese food, and above all fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. However, it is known that if you are on vacation, you do not feel like waking up at dawn – understandable 🙂

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By the way – do you know that Malta is one of the main exporters of tuna? Japan became interested in this matter, and thanks to it at dawn, just after fishing for tuna, they are put in an airplane so that in the evening of the same day they can find themselves on plates in Japanese restaurants 🙂

The village of Marsaxlokk itself is very charming, but more during the week, when you do not see stalls, but before you there is a promenade along the sea with famous, characteristic Maltese colorful boats.

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Well, the whole Sunday market is the main reason for visits by foreign tourists and thus the whole place loses its charm and in our opinion on Sunday is definitely overrated. It is definitely worth coming here during the week, when the village lives its life, colorful boats are waiting for a morning catch, and in one of the small pubs you can eat delicious fresh fish and have a cup of aromatic coffee. Sunday fish market is mainly a tourist attraction, on stalls with fish, except indeed fresh fish caught in Malta, you will also see big, red king prawns. Do not be fooled! These prawns arrive frozen in container ships from Argentina, but of course, the naive tourists enter the putty that they are Maltese shrimps. It is a pity that these are not found in the Mediterranean Sea. And we learned this from Maltese lady, from which we bought several king prawns (we already paid) and we asked – how is it possible are they here? “You see, everyone will say that it’s Maltese shrimp, but I’ll tell you the truth – they arrive frozen in containers from Argentina, and we put them here saying that they are Maltese, because they look nice and attract people” – she said, of course, when we already paid 🙂 The fact, they look nice, but who knows how many hours are they  lying there in full sun?

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Near Marsaxlokk you can find a genius beach, one of our favorite in Malta – St. Peter’s Pool. 20minutes walk along the coast, then a bit uphill, passing the gas terminal in the distance and reach the hidden rocky bay, in the summer filled to the brim with people, but this is everywhere in the summer. Crystal clear water, jumping from a height of 6 meters, octopus, colorful fish and our favorite Maltese dog -Titti. St Peter’s Pool is visited daily by a 60-year-old Maltese guy with his friend Titti on a scooter, carrying him in a backpack. They are one of the main local attractions. Why? Well, Titti loves jumping into the water. Hardly his owner will get up and walk to the edge, he’s already picking up his paws and waiting for a sign. The sign is usually a plastic bottle with which the owner jumps, and for whom Titti jumps with his master to get his trophy. And it’s not scary for him to jump from a height of 6 meters. The most important thing is to get a bottle, which is proudly fished out of the water and comes to the shore as the greatest prize. We recommend to type in Google “Jumping dog Malta” – you will find a lot of videos with the most famous Maltese dog. 🙂

And that’s St Peter’s Pool:

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Personally, we prefer rocky beaches on our island – the water is much cleaner and more transparent. And to see an octopus or starfish a meter from the shore is not a big problem. 🙂 Just when going to St. Peter’s Pool, get water and food – except for a food truck, which does not always appear, you will not find any pub or bar here. Nature itself 🙂

By the way, St. Peter’s Pool is a great place for slack line – you can hang between the rocks just above the water.

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For these going to Marsaxlokk on Sunday – beware of buses, especially on the way back, Maltese people like to change their stops here, look around at stops, if there is information on the random card attached to the bus stop. When you call the Maltese bus transport headquarters, you will rarely get correct information about the timetable and bus, and it’s best to rely on locals. They are always happy to provide information and even take you to a stop that is not even a stop, but the bus stops right there on that day 🙂 The Maltese public transport will never stop surprising us 🙂

Ps. In addition to public bus transport, you can also get to the destination by red buses – you pay a strictly defined price (usually a few euros) and the bus stops wherever you want. It’s just in case you do not have a chance to fit into a normal bus, and in the summer it’s a fight for life and death 🙂 We already have a little enough, so we bought a scooter, end struggle for survival, whether you push or not, and then you will suffocate if you can succeed today 🙂 Therefore, if you are not afraid to drive a car abroad, you should consider renting a car. There are a few very cheap companies, but remember that in Malta the steering wheel is on the RIGHT side and there is left-hand traffic. Yeah, legacy of the British.

Have a good one! 🙂

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