Life in Malta Vol 4 – Comino, Blue Lagoon

What if you went to the unearthly Blue Lagoon? A real paradise on earth, which reminds us more of the Mexican Caribbean coast than Europe. And yet, such a paradise has survived in Europe and we want to take you here today 🙂

Island Comino, hidden between Malta and Gozo in the local archipelago is a paradise for sunbathers, divers, sailors. It is also an ideal place for those who cannot swim. Why? Well, Blue Lagoon, which is located between Comino and Cominotto, are rocky beaches, but with a sandy bottom, which you can go from one island to another, making it an ideal place to relax also for those that do not flow 🙂


Important advice – it’s worth to be here really early. We recommend getting here by the first ferry leaving Cirkewwa at 9:10. Then you can see the Blue Lagoon in its wild, empty installment – without crowds, you can choose a comfortable place for yourself on a tiny beach, and a little bit of rocks just for yourself. Later, find a centimeter for yourself is a real art. And school of survival 🙂 The ferry that we’re talking about is leaving Cirkewwa. In winter and summer there are different timetables, so check out here:

There are also other, more touristic options to get to the Blue Lagoon, such as Speed Boats from Sliema, Mellieha, and trips that can be bought at any tourist booth, for example on the promenade in Gzira, Sliema, St. Julians. The downside of these trips, as well as Speed Boats is the fact that they sail away much later than ferries, which makes you coming there when it’s hard to find even a scrap of space. So in our opinion, it is much better to take a bus or car to Cirkewwa and from there take a ferry. The cost in summer for a ferry is 10 euros return from the person. You can buy the ticket directly at Cirkewwa in the booth next to the ferries, which are located next to the ferries sailing to Gozo – you cannot fail to notice them – the ones going to Gozo are quite big, because they also take the means of transport on board.


With the purchase of a ticket you get a leaflet with a timetable for your return journey. The ferry travels about 10-15min, so there is nothing to sit down too much, it is worth catching the wind in your hair and waiting for what will appear to your eyes. And you will not regret it 🙂




Remember that Comino is an island free of cars and, apart from one hotel, is uninhabited. Many centuries ago, the island was the base of local pirates, and in the nineteenth century it was used as an isolation for people suffering from cholera. Until today it is one of the main tourist attractions both in summer and winter. In summer, a great place for a swim, however, that this is not a typical beach due to the fact that it’s hard to find a place where you can lie down with a towel and sunbathing in the sun. Comino is a rocky coast with a tiny patch of sand on the coast, which unfortunately the Maltese occupied with umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. So you either pay (about 10 euros from a sun lounger) or throw your towel anywhere and spend all the time in the water without getting upset on the next visitors of the island, literally walking on your head 🙂 But here you come to relax in the water and this is exceptionally hot!




As the island is uninhabited, we will not find a restaurant here. In the season, however, there will be food-trucks with wraps, sandwiches, burgers or stalls with drinks served in pineapples – popular with tourists, so do not worry, you will not die of hunger or thirst 🙂 On the hill you will also find clean public toilets with showers, if you feel like rinsing off sea water. The big fans of pineapple drinks were our parents, the perfect prop for holiday photos that anyone can be jealous of 🙂






Blue Lagoon is also a great starting point and stop during a yacht trip, if you had one in the plan. Around Comino, we find beautiful caves, but to which it is much easier to get from the water level than from the shore – the cliffs are quite high and hard to descend. The water is as blue as in the Blue Lagoon itself. And surely, you will not find such crowds here. We can guarantee there starfish, octopus and lots of colorful fish that run away from people a bit further 🙂







Comino is not only Blue Lagoon. Going to the left of Blue Lagoon and the marina with ferries, we will see a gravel path that we can reach Santa Marija Bay, which is many times almost empty. Here, however, we find repeatedly a lot of seaweed that not everyone loves. However, if you got tired of the noise and crowds on the Blue Lagoon, it is worth taking a walk (about  15mins walk), resting under a tree and taking a nap 🙂 And from here also ferries leave for Cirkewwa. Additionally, on the way back, ferries also flow to nearby caves.



In conclusion, yes, Blue Lagoon and Comino is a place to see. Nowhere else in Malta will you see as blue water, looking unnatural, non-European. Yes, it’s Europe, it’s Malta, not the Caribbean. BUT, it’s really worth getting up earlier and getting on the first ferry from Cirkewwa, to be able to enjoy the views, the silence and look at the lagoon in the entire installment before it will be strewn with crowds of tourists. Peace of mind is more or less until 11, then more and more ships and tourist boats arrive and the views will never be the same again. And it is beautiful, really beautiful! 🙂

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