Life in Malta Vol 5 – Birgu and Festival of Light

How about a visit to the Festival of Light in one of the most beautiful cities in Malta – Birgu? You’re not sure what is it about? We did not know until we landed in Birgu during the biggest festival of this city – the Festival of Light. We invite you for a walk!

Birgu is a small town, located between the bays, where you will find medieval fortifications of Maltese Knights, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This city, although not one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malta, is really worth a visit. It is also part of the historic Three Cities. Strolling through the centuries-old streets of Birgu, you can feel like in a different era. However, if you have the opportunity, try to look here at the Festival of Light, which takes place in October!

What is the Festival of Light about? Well, throughout the weekend in October the entire Birgu is bathed in the light of various candles, thousands of candles. The main purpose of the festival is to promote the city and its monuments and history and we guarantee that this one and only weekend Birgu becomes the capital of Malta. The whole event is accompanied by numerous concerts, performances, a grand fiesta, but you will also find narrow streets, where you will be only you and thousands of candles. A romantic view that will always remain in your memories. We have never had the opportunity to take part in such an incredible metamorphosis of the city, which is beautiful during the day, but the Festival of Light delights to the limit, takes your breath away and makes you want to get out of here. You stroll through the next medieval streets, feeling the warmth of candles touching your face and legs pleasantly. Candles are literally everywhere. Sometimes ordinary candles, sometimes lanterns, other times candles in plastic lanterns cut out of the bottle, never mind. The whole thing, however, creates something so amazing that trust us, you will be walking completely impressed. 🙂

You can stop with a glass of wine purchased at one of the many gastronomic stands, listen to live music at one of the street concerts. Although you will not be alone, on the contrary, of course there will be a lot of people, not just tourists, but mostly Maltese, never mind. Give yourself the atmosphere of holy light. And it is created jointly by the residents of the city proud of the place where they live. You will hardly find, if at all, one street in which there will be no candles. Do not forget to visit one of the beautiful churches and museums here – the entry is many times free at this time. In the end, people have to get to know the town’s history better.

However, remember, that the Birgu Festival of Lights is a communication challenge. Plan your trip in advance to be sure that you will arrive at the place. You can also go to Valetta, where ferries to Birgu leave from Valetta Seafront. But remember, this is the most popular time to visit Birgu, and although we do not have any doubts about it, it is worth getting here and seeing the Festival of Light with your own eyes, we are not the only ones who are convinced of it. For this is the time when the entire island descends to Birgu. And it is a major communication challenge for the tiny town. If you do not manage to push on the bus, remember about the red busses that will run crazy during this time to bring everyone back to the place. You pay a few euros (often depends on the whim of the driver), but you get where you like, because the driver does not drive a specific route. As a rule, it goes like most fits. Well, unless it has a worse day 🙂 You can forget about the chance to order a taxi, there is no chance to squeeze in front of the traffic jam, unless it can fly.

It is also worth to visit Birga during the day. In addition to the Festival of Light, Birgu is a sleepy town, where you will not meet a living soul many times during the day. Apart from Waterfront, where you will find a marina with the most expensive and the most luxurious yachts. They benefit from this Russian magnates. And the marina is worth a walk, the yachts are amazing and you will not see them anywhere else in Malta. You can also sit here for coffee at one of the local cafes, basking in the sun. And Birgu, although tiny, is still a very charming town. Not only in the October night filled with amazing candles, but also in every other day. You will appreciate its charm when in the high season it will be difficult for you to find a place in Malta that will not be packed with tourists. Birgu is a beautiful oasis of peace, a gem hidden among the medieval fortifications that must be visited. On the other hand, maybe it is even better that it is still undiscovered? J We have our tiny corner, which nosy tourists have forgotten, where we can easily sit on the wall or in the cafe, drink in the silence and enjoy the local atmosphere of a forgotten city, in whose medieval world has stopped. And feel it!

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