Life in Malta Vol 6 – Hiking Through the Coast from XEMXIJA to MELLIEHA

Have we told you that Maltese winter is really a time when everything is flourishing in Malta? The perfect time for long hours of walking and trekking. While in the summer Malta is more associated with heat, yellow and rocks, when all vegetation is burnt by the sun, and you spend every spare moment on the beach looking for refreshment in the sea, the winter here is the time when the whole island is green, flowers bloom and you are happy to spend time in the sun, which does not burn your face like in the summer. You walk with wonder, discovering the places you have known from the perspective of water. We fell in love with the Maltese winter! We get a lot of beautiful, white photos from winter Poland buried in fresh white snow. Let us show you today a slightly different picture from Malta – during the”winter”, green and full of juicy colors. We invite you for a walk! 🙂

We started our January Sunday journey in Xemxija, from where we went along the coast towards Mellieha, the route below:

A great route for everyone, there are only a few short moments on the way when you have to go uphill, all the rest is practically the same level all the time. And the views are amazing and what is important, the majority of sections of the route do not reach cars, thanks to which it is difficult to meet any living soul. Why? Well, the Maltese are rather a lazy nation, sometimes even 200m prefer to go by car than on foot 🙂 Maltese customs! 🙂 On the other hand, although trekking here is quite popular among young people, and on Facebook, there are a lot of trekking events, joint outings, so far on most of our walks unless we were quite alone, we met literally several people. The island looks completely different without the crowds of tourists with a completely empty coast. Something beautiful!

Remember to stock up on water and food, as you will not find any store, bar or food truck on your way to Mellieha. Only you and nature in pure form!

We reach the St Paul’s Islands, taking its name from the fact that it was supposedly near them crashed the ship transporting St Paul to Rome. The islands are uninhabited, have the status of a nature reserve. On the larger of them you will a statue of St Paul. In the silence of the island, Selmunett and Quartz Island (because they bear names) merge into one, while during the storm they are completely separated.

In front of the larger of the islands we have a beautiful rocky beach, which is not easy to get directly by car, so in summer you should consider a scooter or a walk, but remember that summer = burning sun. However, what needs to be said, the water here is beautiful, crystal clear. It’s January, and we had a great desire for a bath!

From St Paul’s Islands, you walk a bit along the path between the green gardens, where you can find  maltese farms of vegetables, yes, January is one of the few months when you get fresh, local vegetables in Malta. In summer, almost everything is imported from nearby Italy.

And what about a doggy beach? Yes, there are several canine beaches in Malta, where you can easily come with your pets and nobody will pay attention, on the contrary, everyone enjoys the view of dogs running around all the towels that come to you when you are swimming in the sea. It’s about Selmun Bay, where in the summer we have come not only once because of the beautiful beach, but also because of the dogs. A mass of joy and rechargeable batteries for the next week. In addition, it is not a popular place among tourists, in most you will only find Maltese here. Now, in winter, Selmun Bay was deserted.  Nature, flowers, the sound of the sea, the sun. In summer, do not go here when the sea is rough, you can then hit the sea grass, where the bath is not the most pleasant in the world. However, when the sea is calm, Selmun Bay is definitely one of our favorite beaches. And now, in the winter a beautiful stop while walking 🙂

At the end, we reach Mellieha, where you can catch the bus for your return journey or you can sit down in one of the many local pubs or cafes. And what if you hit, like us, the Polish accent in Malta?

And how is your winter? We a bit jealous of this white and fresh powder! Being at Christmas in Poland, we dreamed about at least one day on the ski slope, but we were not so lucky. But Maltese winter has a lot to offer. And we are enjoying the greenery that surrounds us. Yes, it sounded strange to us, because there is no lack of greenery in Poland except in winter, but here the summer is really yellow and every piece of unburnt grass celebrated 🙂 It sounds weird, but these are the realities. So now we spend every free moment on walks, trekking, crossing the island along the length and breadth, you can fall in love even more than in the summer! 🙂 Have a lovely day, Guys!


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