Life in Malta vol 7 – Mdina, Silent City

We are bringing you today for a walk through the narrow, centuries-old streets of the former capital of Malta – Mdina. An amazing city whose origins date back to the 4th century BC, which is rarely mentioned, but when you come here, you feel the magic, as if you were back in time somewhere far back … Time for a journey in time? So let’s start!

Mdina, also often called Silent City. During the day, lots of tourists scroll through the town, during the weekend you can see a lot of Maltese people coming here with whole families for a walk and coffee. However, in the evening … in the evening, Mdina is becoming empty, transforming into a ghost town, where silence passes through centuries-old defensive walls. A truly magical place that you cannot miss when in Malta. Because if you were not in Mdina, you were not in Malta!

We love Mdina, but most often we come here in the evening, when you do not meet tourists anymore, local people close their colorful, wooden shutters to calm down. You stroll through the stone, narrow streets and you can listen to the echo, enjoy the delicate light from the local lanterns illuminating the next tenement houses, slowly walk and watch as the town goes to sleep.

Interesting thing, Mdina is a car-free place, you will not find cars here, so you can walk around as long as you want. From time to time, during the day, a horse-drawn carriage carrying tourists or honeymooners, sometimes a caravan, will pass. In fact, apart from the emergency services and the few residents of the city, it is the only means excluded from the ban. However, the lack of vehicular traffic and a small number of inhabitants is the reason why Mdina is referred to as Silent City, because you will not experience the typical urban noise and traffic here.

A walk around Mdina is something special, you should not be in a hurry. Here time flows completely different, you get the impression that it stopped centuries ago. In the summer, the cold walls bring you coolness and refreshment, you get the feeling that you are participating in something special. It is worth stopping for a moment on the panoramic terrace and look around the panorama from the top of the city (Mdina is located on a hill overlooking almost the whole of Malta – you can finally see how tiny Malta is), you can easily reach Valetta, St. Julians, Qawra, everything at your fingertips. Centuries ago, they were watched over whether the enemy army was approaching. Today, you can look forward to the Sicilian Etna summit with a little luck and good weather conditions.

A very pleasant place, although at the weekend filled to the brim is the Fontanella restaurant, where apart from a beautiful view, you can enjoy great cakes. Note that during the week they serve various dishes, on Sunday they change the menu, in which there will be much less items available due to the crowds passing through Mdina on that day. You will also find several nice wine bars where you can enjoy wine in a small courtyard surrounded by ivy and flowers.

Do not forget about the St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most beautiful sacral buildings in Malta. It was erected after a massive earthquake that struck Malta in 1693, destroying many medieval buildings.

Mdina has gone through many centuries of her existence. There were Phoenicians, there were Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards and many, many more. It made Mdina unique, one of a kind. And it feels to walk through these narrow, stone streets. Hug the walls, close your eyes, listen to the sounds of this city and forget what day it is today. Here you can move in time, if you want to. Because Mdina is a unique magic. Magic, which you will not know anywhere else and an amazing story, a story you cannot even imagine. Fall in love with us in Mdina, believe that you will want to come back here and with each next step, you will start to discover a different image of this city, the City of Silence … 🙂

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