Life in Malta Vol 8-Trekking along the coast from Dingli Cliffs to Bahrija

Do you know that winter in Malta is spring in fact? When everything is blooming and the whole island turns into an oasis of greenery. Ideal time for hours of walks and trekking. The last post was typically urban, today we come back to nature! We are taking you for trekking coast from Digli Cliffs to Bahrija. Beautiful place, and the weather definitely spoiled us. Would you say that’s December? Discover local Winter! Enjoy your walk! 🙂

We got up in the morning to reach the point of destination from which we had to start our all day trek. Of course, first, as usual, we had to encounter with Maltese reality in terms of public communication. Want to go by bus? Forget the timetable, rarely you can rely on it. The streets are stucked and buses don’t have a chance to arrive on time. In addition, in the summer the buses are overcrowded, making the drivers not to stop any more at stops if he seeing that it will not fit anyone on board. Communication here is often a challenge and an adrenaline boost. We are much calmer in the spirit ever since we have a scooter:)

Eventually we were able to get to Dingli Cliffs from where we started our walk. The sun did not fail, the sun rays flashed our faces immediately rising up our humors.
Our route on the map below:

And here begins another stairs – inscriptions on the walls and signs “Private Property”, “Private-no Entrance”, etc. So how do we get on the path along the coast? Path along the coast are not private, on the other hand wherever we tried to get, everywhere private property, no admission. In the distance we hear shots and dogs barking. What to do? We did not come here to turn back without being able to continue this route. Decision – we go through private property unless someone will return us.

On the way we are alone, literally no one in our sight. In the distance we still hear shots and dogs. Rabbit Hunt – Maltese national delicacy? We will need to check it later. Now, however, let’s get back to our trekking – it is so beautiful!

Dingo Cliffs, is the highest point in Malta. Hearing the highest you expect sizable height? Forget, the highest point in Malta has 250 m above sea level, dizzying heights, isn’t it? 🙂 Despite all this is a brilliant place, especially to admire the sunset. It is also worth to have a look here on August’s night, when the sky is studded with stars. All around you can hear bats, closest town is pretty far from here so nothing disturbs you to admire views of the sky. With any problem you will spot  the falling stars. In the distance you can hear fireworks and the hustle of another feast of one of the Maltese parishes. Do you know that in the summer in Malta each parish (and as we discussed a few posts before it is 365 parishes in Malta) has its own feast, in the style of Polish parish celebrations. However here, that the whole week from the early morning fireworks shows are in progress, which for the first month is funny, but eventually you start to be fed up with fireworks when they wake you up at 6 a.m. on weekend. Maltese love to celebrate and any occasion is good. And if you have A 365 occasion… The Feast lasts endlessly, and every parish wants to beat its predecessor with splendor, so there are marches, orchestra performances, concerts, fireworks, fireworks and…. fireworks. And so till the end of summer:)

Roaming further we came across to anyone on our way. We could contemplate the views without paying attention to anyone else. Only We, the sun, cliffs, the silence, the nature. Beautifully, right?

Comparing to the views from several months ago, island really changed its image. Everything is growing up, everything is green. During the summer we missed the Green, enjoying every section of the grass that is really hard to meet in the summer. Celebrating every flower and missing for the Polish forests, trees and meadows. Summer in Malta is mostly yellow. Everything is burnt by the sun and covered with dust. But if you don’t have even one raindrop for a few months we cannot be surprised? Malta is so close to Africa… Let’s enjoy the Green until summer comes! Then there will be no strength for walks in the full sun!

On the way there are no shops, bars, so it is worth to supply with drinks and some snacks. This route is not difficul. Mostly all the time we move on the same level, having on our way only a few flat hills. The views are breathtaking, we felt in love with Malta anew.

We reach to the amazing place – Tal-Melh – a place of truly lunar landscape. The sandy rocks bathed in the sun, the sea, the blue sky, the emptiness, our talks are coming back to us with an echo. Beautiful place. Pay attention to the ground, you will find plenty of fossil and shells, which on the beach are hard to find.

Nature is amazing, isn’t it? We are rediscovering Malta, the other one, from a different perspective, beyond tracked paths. It’s beautiful! 🙂

Return through the green meadows and to the nearest town to catch a bus. And what? Of course the bus has not arrived according to the schedule and next one is in an hour. May arrive, maybe not, probably not. So we will try hitchhiking! Problem is that the car goes once a 5min. Eventually we manage to go with a young Maltese couple, which leaves us in Rabat from where is a lot of buses running in every direction. But before we get back to town to catch the bus, our eyes can admire beautiful sunset…

Once again we found out on our own skin that the Maltese winter is the most beautiful season on the island. Summer is wonderful, with no doubts, you can spend any free time on the beach which is plenty around, searching for refreshment in crystal clear water. However, you do not have the power to trek when the sun steams, humidity does not allow you to breathe freely. Now the sun is still shining and spoiling wanderers, and the island has completely changed its colours. It’s beautiful! Malta is not only beaches! There’s a lot more to discover!

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    1. Thanks a lot, you absolutely should visit Malta, we are sure you will love it! Put on your bucketlist and get ready to go! And if you need any tips, let us know! ☺️☺️☺️

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